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Viral Blue Smoothies : cloud smoothie1


The Cloud Smoothie is a stunning blue and white swirled smoothie that originated from Erewhon, an organic LA grocery store. The smoothie was created as a collaboration between Erewhon and lifestyle influencer Marianna Hewitt, and it features ingredients such as coconut cream, avocado, almond butter, banana, pineapple, vanilla collagen, vanilla stevia, and Blue Majik spirulina. The smoothie is rich in protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamins, and it has a creamy and refreshing texture that resembles a cloud.

Reproducing this smoothie with at-home ingredients quickly became a sensation on TikTok thanks to users who shared their drink versions. Some used different ingredients such as milk, yogurt, honey, or dragon fruit powder, while others added coconut cream or yogurt clouds to their glasses for extra visual appeal. The drink has become popular as a cloud-like, blue drink with health benefits, a range of flavors, and a distinctive visual appearance. The smoothie is priced at $17 at Erewhon, but it can be easily replicated at home with some simple ingredients and a blender. The Cloud Smoothie is a delicious way to enjoy a tropical treat that looks like a work of art.

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