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High-Protein Vegan Salads : green goddess salad tiktok


The High Protein Green Goddess Salad is a vegan dish that has taken the internet by storm. It was created by Melissa Ben-Ishay, the founder of Baked by Melissa, a bakery chain that sells cupcakes and other treats. The recipe quickly went viral, with over 19 million views and 1.3 million likes. The salad features a creamy dressing made with lemon juice, olive oil, rice vinegar, garlic, shallot, chives, walnuts, basil, spinach, nutritional yeast, and salt. It is topped with diced cabbage, cucumber, green onion, and chives. The salad is served with tortilla chips or crackers for dipping. In order to prepare the dish, most recipes require only a knife, cutting board, mixing bowl, and blender.

The High Protein Green Goddess Salad has been praised by celebrities and influencers alike. Lizzo, the Grammy-winning singer and vegan icon, made the salad in January 2022 and shared it with her fans on TikTok. She said she had been haunted by the salad for a long time and was finally doing it. The salad is also popular among fitness enthusiasts who want to add some plant-based protein to their diet. Some TikTokers have modified the recipe to include chicken or tempeh for extra protein. The High Protein Green Goddess Salad is a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy greens and veggies in a creamy dressing.

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