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Social-Based Newsletters : PI.FYI by Perfectly Imperfect


PI.FYI by Perfectly Imperfect introduces a refreshing take on social networking with a focus on taste and recommendations. Born from the popular Perfectly Imperfect newsletter, this new “social network for taste” allows users to share and ask for recommendations, bookmark and add items to lists, customize profiles, and follow friends.

The platform originated from the newsletter’s mission of sharing “A Taste of Someone’s Taste” to break free from algorithmic bubbles. With PI.FYI, users can escape the monotony of typical social media and discover new interests through genuine recommendations from real people.

Inspired by the nostalgia of an internet era before homogenized websites and overwhelming ad-driven algorithms, PI.FYI aims to provide a space where users can connect authentically through shared tastes and recommendations.

Image Credit: PI.FYI by Perfectly Imperfect


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