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AI Metaverse Develoment Projects : metagen


‘MetaGen’ is a new project that aims to explore the overlapping fields of artificial intelligence and the metaverse. The project hopes to amass datasets for use in open-source machine learning models and related tools, which can then be used in virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

MetaGen believes AI is necessary for the advancement of entertainment, amongst other things, in the metaverse. The company specifically refers to AI-powered “VTubers,” or virtual YouTubers as well as “AI Friends” in virtual reality that react, learn, and behave more similarly to a real human. The implications of this project are that AI can enable much more advanced digital interactions with non-player characters (NPCs), resulting in less predictable outcomes and greater entertainment values.

The applications of AI and the metaverse do not end at entertainment, though, as MetaGen also aims to improve digital twin technology, biotechnology, health research, scientific discovery, and more.

Image Credit: MetaGen, Shutterstock


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