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AI-Driven Virtual Avatars : sensorium galaxy


‘Sensorium,’ a VR social platform development company, announced the creation of ‘Sensorium Galaxy.’ This is a new virtual world that will be comprised of players and non-player characters (NPCs) alike. The virtual world will be home to entertainment avenues such as performance stages, as well as interactive gaming events and immersive visual experiences.

One notable aspect of Sensorium Galaxy is the company’s AI-driven avatar creation tool. Sensorium creates NPCs powered by AI that are capable of carrying complex conversations. Dean Takahashi, a lead journalist at VentureBeat, stated: “Sensorium AI-driven avatars are the first in a new generation of virtual beings. They are capable of supporting complex and unscripted conversations through the prism of their unique personality, built upon their “biography” and interactions with users.”

Sensorium Galaxy, as a result, will be a highly immersive, almost true-to-life metaverse with limitless experiences.

Image Credit: Sensorium


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