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Music-Driven Snack Campaigns : TikTok experience


The Harvest Snaps ‘Snap Sounds’ TikTok experience has been created as part of a move to attract and engage with college students across the US this fall. The campaign was created in partnership with digital creative agency Cutwater and can be experienced by simply scanning the QR code on a pack of Harvest Snaps snacks. Participants are encouraged to create snacking-inspired music with head movements and will see each motion triggering one of six beats for them to play with.

Calbee America, Inc’s Head of Marketing Sandra Payer spoke on the Harvest Snaps ‘Snap Sounds’ TikTok experience saying, “We love the idea of making music while snacking, and TikTok is the perfect platform for reaching a younger group of consumers hungry for healthier, tasty snacks and fun experiences.”


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