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Safety-Focused Dating Apps : UnFiltered


UnFiltered is a newly launched dating app that aims to provide users with a safe space by prohibiting fake profiles, filters, and edited photos. To accomplish this, the app only allows users to upload recent images taken from its in-app camera, which has been designed to capture accurate and authentic images that can not be tampered with.

In addition to the built-in camera, the app implements an 8-point security screening process to ensure that users creating profiles are actually who they claim to be. This process requires users to provide their name, email, phone number, age, social media accounts, face recognition, work history, digital footprint, and resident history.

“Our mission is to provide a culture of transparent dating to result in serious adults who are looking for more meaningful, lasting relationships,” said Amanda Pool, Co-Founder of UnFiltered. “UnFiltered is focused on real people and uses proprietary technology to authenticate, protect and promote the users to provide safe connections.”

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