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AR-Enabled Snapchat NFTs : Snapchat 3


Social media giant Snap Inc. is currently reviewing plans to implement NFT displays on its popular app, Snapchat. According to recent reports, the in-development feature would allow NFT creators to upload their designs as Lenses (i.e., augmented reality filters) on the app.

To start, the new feature would be run for a select group of creators and is rumored to launch in late August. Using the Lenses feature, these NFT artists will be able to transfer their digital collectibles to the app, allowing users to overlay them onto their environments via the app’s built-in AR-enabled tech.

Considering Snapchat is an image-focused platform, it seems it was only a matter of time before the company joined the NFT bandwagon. This is especially true when noting that the NFT market has become a $40 billion industry.

Image Credit: Snapchat


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