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Organic Flexible Displays : flexible olcd


FlexEnable, a manufacturer of bendable and flexible electronics, launched the ‘Flexible OLCD’ display. This is an organic, glass-free display solution that allows for ultra-thin, scalable, malleable displays that come at a low cost to manufacturers. According to FlexEnable, the OCLD technology allows the displays to not only be lightweight, but also results in the displays being shatterproof, as there is no glass in the panel.

One of the core applications of flexible OLCD displays, as opposed to LCD or OLED displays, is the ability to share and bend the displays to suit more than just smartphones, folding tablets, or monitors. The scalable form factor and the durability of the displays make them perfect for appliances, automobiles, commercial applications, and more. However, the FlexEnable OLCD is also an affordable, reliable basis for shapable computer monitors.

Image Credit: FlexEnable


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