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12-in-One Screwdrivers : ltt screwdriver


‘Linus Media Group,’ the Vancouver, Canada-based news and entertainment media company, most known for its ‘Linus Tech Tips’ (LTT) YouTube channel, recently launched the ‘LTT Screwdriver,’ known simply as The Screwdriver. This screwdriver is no typical screwdriver, meaning that it is not a standardized, mass-produced screwdriver.

Rather than this, this screwdriver is the product of over three years of prototyping across the head, handle, and bits, to create a premium, long-lasting screwdriver that is comfortable for users with hands of all sizes. Linus Media Group worked with several partners over the creation of The Screwdriver in order to perfect each aspect of the tool, from the plastic mold to the bit storage mechanism.

The LTT Screwdriver is available now online at lttstore.com at an MSRP of $69.99 USD. Due to the high demand of the device, The Screwdriver will ship out in monthly release batches over the next few months.

Image Credit: Linus Tech Tips, YouTube


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