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Mystery Series NFTs : stranger things nft collection


Candy Digital announced the Stranger Things NFT collection in collaboration with Netflix. The collection will feature unique artworks of 17 popular characters from the mystery horror series including Mike, Eleven, Hopper, and more. In total, Candy Digital stated that the collection will include 11,111 tokens as an homage to the character Eleven in the series.

Among the 11,111 tokens, there will be eight side characters, each with 613 tokens, while eight main characters will have 748 tokens, and lastly, Eleven will feature 223 tokens, making Eleven the rarest NFT from the collection. The NFTs feature movie poster-style artworks that depict the characters in different situations, such as in the Upside Down or in the real world.

The NFTs will not be purchasable on their own, and will instead be sold through purchasing a Stranger Things mystery box from Candy DIgital. One mystery box retails for $11 USD and contains a variety of branded collectibles.

Image Credit: Netflix, Candy Digital


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