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Asymmetrical Multiplayer Games : evolve game


Following the closing of ‘Evolve’ servers in 2018, 2K Games has recently brought the Evolve game servers back online. The company did not formally announce this change, but rather stealthily relaunched the servers, resulting in players and the community discovering this and flocking back to the once-popular asymmetrical multiplayer game.

2K Games will capitalize off of the revived community and aim to support the game going forward, as the game has garnered a large fanbase since its release. Evolve, as a title, is an asymmetrical multiplayer game, meaning players assume different roles in a player-versus-player environment. Rather than having balanced teams, Evolve pits a team of four hunters against one player controlling a high-power alien creature. When the game was shut down in 2018, it was due to difficulty balancing and lack of a dedicated player base. However, since this time, asymmetrical games such as ‘Dead by Daylight,’ ‘Friday the 13th,’ ‘Back 4 Blood,’ and ‘Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ have grown in popularity, creating a window for Evolve to thrive.

Image Credit: 2K Games


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