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Zero Code Development Platforms : soba platform


‘Soba’ is a web3 development company focused on creating what it currently refers to as the Soba Platform. This is platform is an immersive web3 world that allows all users to assume the role of a game developer, all without knowing how to write code. This is done by creating an expansive list of accessible tools that allow for asset creation, interaction guidelines, and other in-game parameters.

Soba believes the future of web3, including metaverse ventures and virtual reality applications, is one where the consumers are also immersed into the world as creators. This adds a new level of interactivity, expressiveness, and creativity to the gaming space.

The company stated that the Soba Platform can be used to create nearly any genre of game, whether an RPG, a shooter game, a card game, and more. On top of this, Soba is ensuring its platform runs properly on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

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