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Workplace Collaboration Applications : zoom team chat


Zoom announced that it has renamed its ‘Zoom Chat’ feature to ‘Zoom Team Chat.’ This move is intended to increase clarity around the purpose of the feature. Also accompanying the rename is a number of new functionalities being added to the application.

Zoom Team Chat is a service similar to Slack. Collaborators are able to create channels, invite certain individuals to each channel, and share media files, such as pdfs, images, and videos. Zoom added ‘Team’ to the name of the feature, as many users were confused between the active chatbox in a Zoom call and the Zoom Chats feature, which functions more like Slack or Whatsapp.

One clear benefit of Zoom Team Chat is its native integration with Zoom by virtue of being hosted by the same company. This means users can have text chatrooms tied to persistent video call rooms for on-the-fly collaboration where workers can enter and leave as they please. This adds a deeper level of collaboration to remote and hybrid work environments.

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