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Web-Based Image Messaging Apps : Snapchat 4


Snap Inc. has announced that its new Snapchat web app, which made its debut to paid subscribers in July, will now be made available to all Snapchat users. The newly expanded web app was announced by the company as part of its round-up showcase, which highlighted a variety of Snapchat’s newest features.

Just like with the mobile app, users on Snapchat web will be able to chat and video call with their friends, as well send images and make phone calls. All Snapchat users’ data and conversations will be automatically synced to the web version, ensuring a seamless transition between apps. Snapchat’s head of messaging described the new web app as being an “unmet opportunity” for the company, as it opens the door to new forms of image sharing and chat-based messaging.

Image Credit: Snap Inc.


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