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Virtual Talent Agency Projects : prism project


The ‘PRISM Project’ is a new virtual talent management agency operating under the umbrella of Sony Music Entertainment. The project hopes to draw new attention to the virtual talent and “VTuber,” or virtual YouTuber, space by hiring a number of talented individuals from around the world. The PRISM Project has launched auditions as of August 7th, 2022, and is hiring individuals to voice both female and male-presenting characters.

At the core of its marketing, PRISM Project is championing that “VTubers are People Too,” emphasizing that, while VTubers are virtual models without public human identities, each VTuber still represents a very real, very talented human being with a full life and emotions. As such, PRISM Project is encouraging talented individuals with any background and gender identity to apply. However, the project will only accept applications from 20 different countries, and this list can be found online at the PRISM Project’s website.

This push toward virtual talent from Sony comes as virtual YouTubers, virtual content creators, virtual musicians, and more, continue to gain popularity in the modern world. Japanese companies such as ‘Vocaloid’ and ‘HOLOLive’ are trailblazing the space and pulling in larger fan numbers than ever with VTubers and virtual talent making high-profile appearances at conventions, events, and even concerts.

Sony hopes that its PRISM Project will open opportunities for talented individuals interested in the space while also continuing to promote the efficacy of virtual talent in the modern world. Interested applicants can send their audition in online at PRISM Project’s official General Audition 2022 page.

Image Credit: PRISM Project, Sony Music Entertainment


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