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Viral Pink Condiments : pink sauce


The Pink Sauce is infamous on TikTok and now Chef Pii, the creator of the viral condiment, has partnered with Dave’s Gourmet to help the entrepreneur bring her vision to an even wider market. Chef Pii introduced The Pink Sauce to an audience of hundreds of thousands of followers and sold out her initial stock in a matter of days. Now, with the expertise in commercial food production that Dave’s Gourmet brings to the table, The Pink Sauce will be produced on a “commercial scale under the required food manufacturing guidelines as well as selling the product to the foodservice, retail and e-commerce channels in the US and internationally.”

The newly reformulated, clean and shelf-stable sauce retains the same color and flavor as before with a few minor tweaks for the sake of simplicity. The sauce is dairy-free, as well as free from preservatives, artificial colors or flavors


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