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Studio-Quality USB Microphones : at2020usb x


Audio-Technica announced the ‘AT2020USB-X,’ a new cardioid condenser microphone that is specifically designed for digital content creators including streamers, YouTubers, music producers, podcasters, and more. The microphone features a number of noteworthy improvements over the AT2020USB+, including improved audio frequencies, convenient plug-and-play operation, and quickly-accessible physical buttons.

This microphone boasts a high-resolution A/D converter with a 24-bit/96 kHz sampling rate, resulting in audio quality that is nearly true-to-life with how natural it sounds. On top of this, the microphone comes with a desk stand accessory that ensures it is steadily situated on a secure base, reducing audio interference from friction or vibrations.

In terms of its physical features, the AT2020USB-X features a soft-touch capacitive mute button that allows users to quickly and reliably mute all audio input in the event of an interruption or emergency. Additionally, the mic features LED ring lights that are clearly visible. These ring lights show the user whether the mic is currently active or muted with two separate colors.

The microphone is plug-and-play compatible with countless devices as it connects to the host device either through USB-C or USB-A connectivity. The adapter for both USB-A and USB-C is included with the base configuration of the AT2020USB-X. The microphone even features a high-output internal headphone amplifier to enhance audio feedback and musical detail. Additionally, the AT2020USB-X can connect directly to a computer, allowing the creator to seamlessly monitor, or blend, the microphone’s output with other audio devices.

In terms of optional accessories, Audio-Technica sells an AT8455 shock mount that completely absorbs noise caused by vibrations, friction, or other physical interferences. The company also provides optional accessories such as threaded stands of varying sizes and attachable pop filters, though these are not often required on cardioid condenser micrphones.

The nature of the AT2020USB-X being a plug-and-play, studio-quality USB-enabled cardioid microphone solidifies this device as a solid option for digital content creators of all types. The microphone employs Audio-Technica’s industry-leading audio quality to create a professional-grade experience from the comfort of a home computer desk.

Interested customers can pick up the AT2020USB-X directly from Audio-Technica at an MSRP of $149.00 USD.

Image Credit: Audio-Technica


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