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Speech-Mimicking AI Apps : cohere


‘Cohere’ is a startup founded in part by an ex-Google Brain employee. The startup launched in 2018 with the goal of creating advanced artificial intelligence that specifically deals with speech patterns, speech recognition, speech generation, and other language-related services. The company’s artificial intelligence learns from inputted information, such as audible dialogue, text on a screen, and other sources. It does not only use this information to learn about spelling and grammar but also about mannerisms, personality, and more intricate elements of human speech.

According to the founders, the Cohere AI has a long list of use cases. This list includes online forum and social media moderation through the AI’s ability to detect harmful language beyond simple word detection, as well as content generation through the AI’s ability to create natural-sounding text blocks. This can be used to revolutionize only customer service bots to make the experience more personable for the consumers.

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