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Smooth Game Streaming Services : 120fps geforce now


NVIDIA announced that Android users will now have access to the 120fps GeForce Now game-streaming mode. GeForce Now is a popular game-streaming service because it provides access to an expansive library of video games to users who may not have the necessary hardware to run these games. On top of this, the price for GeForce Now is scalable based on the desired quality, with tiers that range from the ‘3060’ tier up to the ‘3090’ tier.

Regardless of the selected tier, Android users will now be able to choose between 60fps, 90fps, and 120fps while playing video games on their phones. It is important to note that the change in frames-per-second will only be noticeable on phones that support 90hz or 120hz refresh rates, respectively.

In addition to making its game-streaming service much smoother for Android users, NVIDIA has also added nine new games to GeForce Now this week, including ‘Darksiders Genesis,’ ‘Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue,’ and more.

Image Credit: NVIDIA


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