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Retiree Influencer Houses : retirement house


TikTok houses are actual houses where content creators live and create together and the Retirement House proves that all the fun isn’t reserved for Gen Z. The Retirement House, a multi-million West Hollywood mansion, is a space for older people doing youthful things. Six actors ages 70 to 85 have come together to parody content created by Gen Z influencers.

Although the Retirement House actors don’t actually live in the residence, millions of users tune in to see what they’ll create next.

The account leans into the popularity of the “grandfluencer” on TikTok, which connects people of all ages, regardless of generational gaps, through humor. 27-year-old Adi Azran and 25-year-old Brandon Chase, who worked at creative studio Flighthouse Media, run the account. As Azran told Buzzfeed, “Seniors have been left out of the spotlight in the entertainment industry.”


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