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Restaurant-Owned Charities : taco bell foundation


‘The Taco Bell Foundation,’ the charitable organization run by the popular fast-food restaurant, announced a set of ventures and goals in celebration of its 30th anniversary. Firstly, the foundation has outlined its intent to raise over $100 million USD over the next four years. This money will be used to support the efforts of the organization and its long list of over 400 partners with all types of charity work.

In addition to this, the foundation has awarded $7.5 million USD to its many partners in 2022 alone, showing that it is a successful foundation that strives to give back to societies in need. Currently, The Taco Bell Foundation is looking to support young minds and new organizations that bring helpful, innovative ideas to the table. These ideas can range from small-scale optimizations to market-disrupting products and even larger-scale social change initiatives.

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