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Publicly Available Social Medias : bluesky open


Bluesky, a popular decentralised social media platform, has officially ended its beta and invite-only periods. The unique alternative social media website is now available for all users, regardless of whether or not they have an invite, which is exciting news for the thousands of users where were still waitlisted.

Bluesky and its founder Jack Dorsey are excited for the public release of Bluesky as Dorsey believes that decentralized social media is critical for the future of the industry. The website has previously been praised for its features, or rather lack of features, as it is not filled with ads, sponsored posts, or AI-generated feeds. Rather, the power in Bluesky is placed in the hands of the users.

Interested users can sign up for Bluesky now on its official website, linked above.

Image Credit: Bluesky


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