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NFT-Based Fantasy Worlds : yumon world


‘Yumon,’ a web3 startup, announced the launch of ‘Yumon World,’ an interactive digital environment based on the blockchain. According to Yumon, online streamers and content creators will be fantasy heroes in Yumon World. Content creators will be able to create collectibles for their fans, own a portion of the digital world, and effectively build a new engaging revenue stream for themselves. The company stated that it plans to leverage the popularity of large and small-scale creators in building its community.

Fans will be able to collect these NFTs while actively participating in what Yumon refers to as ‘mainstream game mechanics,’ though it did not specify what the gameplay for its upcoming title would be. Currently, Yumon is in its pre-sale stages where customers are able to purchase Yumon trading card packs that will be used in the game. As of August 2022, Yumon has raised over $2 million USD from high-profile investors such as Epic, Unity, and Amazon.

Image Credit: Yumon


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