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Next-Gen Sci-Fi RPGs : biomutant


‘Experiment 101,’ the Stockholm-based game developer, announced a native next-gen update for its first-party RPG ‘Biomutant.’ Biomutant is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game where players assume the role of a bipedal mutant raccoon with exquisite combat abilities. The players then embark on a quest to help other survivors, tackle massive foes, and change the fate of the ‘New World.’

The next-gen update is bringing high-quality resolutions, smoother framerates, and improved visual effects to the game. On PlayStation 5, the game will run at either 4k-resolution at 30fps or 1080p-resolution at 120fps, which are both upgrades from the original 1080p, 60fps version. On Xbox Series X, the game will run at either 30fps a 4k resolution, or at 60fps at 1440p resolution. In addition to the framerate and resolution quality, the game will have better lighting, more intense graphical animations, faster loading times, and more.

Image Credit: Experiment 101


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