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Mobile Game Development Studios : playstation studios mobile


Sony recently acquired a mobile game developer named ‘Savage Game Studios,’ which it will use to finalize the creation of its ‘PlayStation Studios Mobile’ development division. This team will focus primarily on creating mobile games based on popular PlayStation first-party titles, such as ‘Horizon: Forbidden West,’ ‘God of War,’ or ‘Spiderman: Miles Morales.’ However, the studio did not specify exactly which titles will receive mobile game spin-offs, so it is unclear if any of these titles will receive mobile iterations.

In addition to announcing the creation of the studio, Sony stated that the team has begun working on an “unannounced new AAA live-service action game” in the official press release for the acquisition. The move toward the mobile market is an excellent step for PlayStation Studios, as the developer recently expanded into the PC market via Steam, and each title released so far has topped sales charts.

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