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Mentally-Stimulating Mobile Games : merge stories


Playtika launched its latest casual-friendly mobile game titled ‘Merge Stories.’ The game falls into the merge genre, which is a genre that challenges players to match similar objects to create fewer, more valuable objects. What Merge Stories innovates on the genre, though, is that it allows players to merge non-identical objects, resulting in unique combinations and non-linear gameplay, as opposed to other merge games which provide a uniform experience to all players.

In addition to its merge mechanics, Playtika stated that Merge Stories features full-3D action gameplay that involves kingdom building, raiding, player-versus-player, and other combat-focused mechanics. Meir Shitrit, the senior vice president of new games at Playtika, stated: “The development of this new game has been an exciting process for Playtika and Jelly Button, with the studio utilizing the most creative talent and top-notch technology,” which is especially noteworthy as the game required over three years to make, which is much longer than the typical mobile game.

Image Credit: Playtika


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