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MB&F Launches Sporty LM Split Escapement


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MB&F is now widening the reach of its LM Split Escapement EVO, which debuted originally last year as a limited edition for the UAE’s 50th anniversary.

MB&F’s new Legacy Machine Split Escapement EVO.

Launched during Geneva Watch Days, the new Legacy Machine Split Escapement EVO version offers two modifications to existing models. One is the dial color, now a cool, icy light blue with grey subdials. The second change is that MB&F has rotated the entire mechanism clockwise by 30 degrees, creating a new sense of asymmetry in the LM Split Escapement dial.

The watch’s new EVO designation means MB&F has dedicated its sporty, bezel-free 44mm EVO case to house the spectacular movement, which, as its name implies, separates or ‘splits’ its escapement into two halves. Earlier LM Split Escapement models were housed in the MB&F’s dressier 44mm gold or titanium case.

Designed by Northern Irish master watchmaker Stephen McDonnell, the movement features the world’s longest balance staff. Traveling through the entire movement, the 12mm-long staff connects the large balance wheel (hovering over the dial) to the remaining parts of the escapement – anchor and escape wheel – on the opposite side of the movement.

The new model will be joined by a second, limited edition of the watch, available only at a new MB&F LAB store to be opened in Beverly Hills with long-time MB&F retail partner Westime.

The MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement EVO, Beverly Hills Edition.

That model, limited to twenty-five units, comes with a black base plate, metallic blue dial, and open counters. It will be the only MB&F LAB edition released this year.

MB&F is offering the Legacy Machine Split Escapement EVO in two versions:

Titanium version: Grade 5 titanium case with pastel blue baseplate and dark grey dials.

Beverly Hills edition: Limited edition of 25 pieces in grade 5 titanium case with black baseplate and blue dials. Price for either model: $80,000.


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