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Long-Lasting Wireless Keyboards : k620 upgrade 2


AJazz launched official pre-orders for its upcoming wireless keyboard, the ‘K620T Upgrade 2.0.’ This is a monochrome mechanical keyboard with a 60% form factor. The K620T Upgrade 2.0 also notably includes a tunable volume knob above the escape key on the top left of the board.

This keyboard has hot-swappable keycaps and mechanical switches to allow customers to swap out the keys based on visual aesthetic or based on which device is being used, as each operating system requires different key functions. The K620T is compatible with both Windows and MacOS as well as Android devices. What is unique about using this keyboard with an Android-powered device is that it has a built-in mobile device-holding slot. The top of the keyboard has a large divot that can mount anything from small android phones to large-size iOS tablets.

Image Credit: AJazz


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