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Location-Based Social Media Platforms : Spotselfie


Spotselfie, the augmented reality-based social networking app, is introducing its very own advertising portal. The portal will allow businesses and organizations to advertise on their existing digital land. A customer can identify as a small business or a large corporation, select an area via GPS location, and then customize their advertisement to be viewed in augmented reality. Users will see relevant augmented reality ads when they access the app.

In addition, Spotselfie also allows users and brands to control their social footprint through its patented urMojo feature. This allows users to have unprecedented ease when connecting with people who share similar interests while still offering control of who can see, find, and interact with their content.

Ray Shingler, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Development for Spotselfie, said, “We want to help small businesses get back on their feet after the Covid-19 pandemic, by offering them a customized advertising model directly into our social metaverse. Small businesses can now place AR ads at any live event where our users are, including concerts, sports events, entire city blocks, and anywhere around the world. The SAM BusinessPortal gives small businesses the power to compete against large corporations, leveling the advertising playing field with our patented innovative AR technology.”


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