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Influencer-Crafted Gin Cocktails : Tanqueray Gin Holiday


Diversity is at the core of Canadian holiday traditions and is the inspiration behind this new range of Tanqueray Gin Holiday drinks. Co-created alongside Canadian style, beauty, lifestyle and DIY experts, the handcrafted cocktails are perfect for the festive season ahead.

Spotlighting not only artful presentation but the stories behind them, these recipes are created by five influencers from diverse backgrounds. While fashion and beauty creator Sonakshi Sharma’s Golden Elixir captures Diwali’s essence, fashion creator Nitsan Raiter’s Miracle Mix is inspired by Hanukkah. Fashion expert Jennifer Wang’s Peaceful Night reflects Ping An Ye’s spirit while lifestyle blogger Joelle Anello’s Merry Berry Gin Fizz celebrates Italian Christmas feasts. Lastly, DIY expert Monique Taylor Yee Shui’s Kuumba Spicy Caesar honors Kwanzaa traditions.

Tanqueray Gin shows its commitment to celebrating diversity while crafting its range of holiday-ready “damn fancy cocktails” and leverages influencers to connect more authentically with consumers.

Image Credit: Tanqueray Gin


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