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Inclusive Spell-Checking Tools : witty works


‘Witty Works’ is a spell-checking tool that has been available in certain forms since 2019. Now, the company behind the spell checker has debuted a free browser plug-in that is compatible with popular browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. While Witty Works is poised as a free spell-checker, it is more than just a tool for spelling and grammar.

The Witty Works tool solidifies itself as an independent entity from popular spell-checkers such as Grammarly by offering unique features. Witty Works places its focus on correcting word choices to make them more inclusive, rather than purely correcting grammar. When a typist enters a word that is deemed negative for one of many reasons, which could include harmful effects, stereotyping, and more, the tool will flag the word and provide a brief description of why this word should not be used. Then, Witty Works will suggest a more inclusive replacement to take the word’s place.

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