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Image-Generating AI Features : ai greenscreen


In capitalizing on the trend of artificial intelligence image generation systems, TikTok launched a new in-app filter titled ‘AI Greenscreen.’ Many text-to-image generators, such as ‘DALL-E 2’ and ‘Deep Dream’ charge subscription fees and usage premiums. TikTok is aiming to make this technology far more accessible by providing its AI Greenscreen feature to all users for free.

AI Greenscreen allows TikTok creators to generate abstract images rather than coherent art pieces. This means when a prompt is entered, such as “dog in a field,” the resulting image will abstractly resemble the concept, effectively conveying the emotion or idea without explicitly showing what is described in the text.

The filter has begun rolling out to TikTok users around the world and has already become an incredibly popular trend on the platform, with the filter receiving positive reviews on the platform.

Image Credit: The Verge


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