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High-Resolution Gaming Consoles : 1440p display mode


Sony is adding a new 1440p display mode to the PlayStation 5 gaming console. Currently the console is capable of outputting in 720p, 1080p, and 2160p. However, the current gaming industry has begun adopting 1440p as a pseudo-standard for the increased visuals over 1080p that come at a minimal cost of performance. Sony is adapting to this trend by adding native 1440p support to its flagship console.

In order to use this feature, customers will need to update their PlayStation 5 software to the latest version. Then, in the settings on the console, users can select 1440p to test if their television or monitor is capable of accepting this input. It is unclear if the device will support upscaling from 1080p through DLSS or FSR at this time.

Image Credit: Sony


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