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High-End Web3 Mobile Games : xterio


‘Xterio,’ a developer and publisher of mobile games, announced a recent $40 million USD funding round. The company stated that these funds will fuel a pursuit of high-quality web3 games for mobile devices, an industry that is currently overrun with lower quality games that boast web3 connectivity as their primary feature. Rather than taking this approach, Xterio wants to attract fans to their ecosystem based on the quality of the games while simultaneously exposing fans to the benefits of web3 in gaming.

Jeremy Horn, a cofounder of Xterio, stated: “We believe that gameplay is enhanced by ownership, but we are most interested in creating long-lasting franchises and rich gameplay experiences. We will build our games to be fun and engaging for both traditional gamers and the Web3 audience in a way that any type of player can enjoy.” Showing that the company believes in the positive applications of web3 features.

Image Credit: Xterio


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