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Gel-Equipped Toy Blasters : pro gelfire mythic


Nerf announced its first-ever gel pellet-powered toy blaster, the ‘Nerf Pro Gelfire Mythic.’ This is a 7.4-volt battery-powered blaster that can be recharged through USB-C connection. Additionally, customers can purchase extra batteries and swap them out to extend the duration of a play session.

While many Nerf blasters shoot foam darts, the Pro Gelfire Mythic fires miniature gel balls that explode on contact, meaning they are not reusable. However, the Pro Gelfire Mythic comes with a large supply of 10,000 pellets, even though its ammunition cannister holds a maximum of 800 pellets at a time.

The Pro Gelfire Mythic has a medium-sized form factor that enables it to be used with either one or two hands. The blaster features a white base with gray and red accents, as well as the name ‘GELFIRE’ emblazoned on the side. Customers can purchase the Pro Gelfire Mythic at an SRP of $79.99 USD when it releases this holiday season.

Image Credit: Nerf


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