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Gaming-Focused Web3 Wallets : qubit


‘Solvo,’ a web3 crypto investment app based in London, announced that it is pivoting its operations to focus on web3 gaming crypto wallets under the name ‘Qubit.’ With Qubit, the company will aim to reduce the barriers of entry for crypto and nft-based games. The company will use Qubit Wallet, a unified smart contract wallet, to hold gamers’ digital assets across a number of Web3 games, thus streamlining the experience of starting a game, managing assets, and cashing out.

Qubit stated that one of its primary focuses is user-friendliness. It does not want its products to be convoluted and difficult, and rather wants them to be intuitive and natural for new users. Secondarily, the company focuses on security and privacy, ensuring that there are no data breaches and that its users’ wallets are safe.

Image Credit: Qubit


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