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Future Focused Training Trends : POP FUTURE training method


POP FUTURE is a new learning and education system (i.e. a methodology, which is free for all to download and use) that anyone can use to make future trends, technology innovations, and business topics more fun and simple to understand – and make these subjects seem approachable and appealing to audiences of all backgrounds and skill levels.

POP FUTURE challenges us to use creative forms of artistic expression – e.g. animated cartoons, explainer videos, infographics, interactive games, etc. – to simplify complex ideas and say in seconds what currently takes hours or minutes to communicate.

Grounded in principles of micro-learning, the POP FUTURE method can help educators, trainers, and communications pros deliver bite-sized learning content just in time when audiences need it — and grant busy professionals fluency in emerging topics in a fraction of traditional learning periods. In other words: If a picture is worth a thousand words, POP FUTURE asks us: How can we likewise find ways to communicate an entire market research report or training manual’s worth of content in just minutes


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