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Encrypted Wireless Smart Doorbells : video doorbell encryption


Ring announced that its smart video doorbell encryption service will now be accessible on its wireless smart doorbells. The feature was previously only available for wired doorbells, as these devices communicate with the network less often than the wireless varieties. However, just one year after the original release, Ring confirmed that the wireless models could also be made fully secure.

The wireless Ring doorbells with end-to-end encryption enabled ensures that only the doorbell’s owner has access to the audio and video from the feed. These files can be backed up to a specific device and only accessed via a special passcode. This ensures that Ring, or even law enforcement requesting the information from Ring, cannot access the files unless the owner enables them to. This is an upgrade from the standard encryption before that stored the video and audio files on Ring servers, as these could easily be accessed by Ring staff or by law enforcement.

Image Credit: Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, The Verge


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