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Empowering Clean Beauty Campaigns : clean beauty campaign


Babe Original, a popular skincare brand renowned for its presence on TikTok, has launched its inaugural clean beauty campaign, titled ‘Originally You.’ This marketing initiative marks a significant milestone for Babe Original as it embraces and celebrates individuality while connecting to the brand’s consumer base more intimately.

For the clean beauty campaign, Babe Original initiated an open casting call for real customers with the aim to highlight the diverse and unique traits of the brand’s clientele—from freckles to dimples and beyond. The campaign attracted an overwhelming response, with over 1,200 casting applicants from across the nation. From this pool of applicants, Babe Original selected 10 exceptional customers who epitomized authenticity and originality. These individuals were invited to the Babe HQ in Dallas, Texas, for a full-day photoshoot, capturing genuine moments of friendship, community, and self-expression.

Image Credit: Babe Original


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