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Digital Luxury Art Platforms : particle


‘Particle’ is an art technology company headed by experienced individuals in the fine art space. The company is creating a platform that decentralizes ownership of fine artworks, providing more access to luxury artworks than ever before. Rather than having to attend a private in-person auction to acquire fine artworks, Particle acquires the artwork and works with the Avalanche blockchain to split each artwork into 10,000 different NFTs. These are called ‘Particles,’ with each Particle representing a portion of ownership of the artwork.

Shingo Lavine, a co-founder at Particle, stated: “Previously, owning great art has been out of reach for almost everyone. We’re changing the narrative of ownership through NFTs and blockchain technology and enabling a new collection experience through democratizing ownership of the world’s greatest masterpieces,” continuing to note that one of the most attractive features of Particle is its ease of access. The platform enables collectors to trade, transfer, and market their Particles as they see fit, creating an interactive online community of art enthusiasts.

Image Credit: Particle


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