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Digital Cartoon Games : tron identity


Disney announced the newest release of the iconic ‘Tron’ franchise titled ‘Tron Identity.’ Tron, which originally launched as an arcade game in 1982, has grown to spawn a number of video game and motion picture film releases over the past few decades. The most recent release prior to Tron Identity was a film, meaning Tron Identity is bringing the franchise back to its video game roots.

Disney merely announced the game and showed a brief teaser, but did not specify the platform, or gameplay for the title. However, being a Tron game, Tron Identity will feature sci-fi characters riding motorcycles that leave laser lines behind them, and other characters that ride into these lines will be eliminated from the game. Additionally, the Steam storefront page for Tron Identity shows a narrative story mode rendered in 3D graphics. Lastly, the game has a 2023 release window.

Image Credit: Disney


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