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Dancing NFT Platforms : natyaverse


‘Natyaverse’ is a new web3 platform created to address one of the largest issues in the art space: dance. While there are countless protections for visual artists, musicians, and filmmakers, Natyaverse noted that dancers often do not profit off of their work and their works are not protected as their own.

However, despite this, Varin BIlla at Natyaverse stated that: “Dancers put in an immense amount of hard work and dedication to develop their skill set. The amount of practice a professional dancer needs to invest in perfecting their skill is no less than a professional athlete,” meaning it is an injustice that dancers are left behind in the art world.

In order to address these issues, Natyaverse was created. The Natyaverse platform is a first-of-its-kind that allows dancers to record dances, mint the specific dance moves, and monetize the dances on the platform. This results in digital portfolio building, dance marketing, and a dedicated community surrounding dance.

In addition to allowing individuals to monetize their works, Natyaverse will host dance-focused events that promote creativity, collaboration, and brand marketing in the metaverse.

Image Credit: Natyaverse


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