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Crowdsourced Dog Treats : Beggin


Backyard Bacon Cheeseburger or Bold Brown Sugar and Bacon? This is the question that’s being asked by Walmart and Purina’s Beggin’ dog treats brand as part of a crowdsourcing campaign to determine the newest dog treat flavor. Consumers are invited to cast their vote in order to determine the product that will be added to Walmart stores across the nation, as well as online channels.

For this campaign that pits one dog treat flavor against the other, Walmart and Beggin’ have enlisted the help of influencers Matt Slays and Zach Kornfeld, and their dogs, and each team represents a different flavor; Matt is Team Bold Brown Sugar and Bacon Flavor and Zach is Team Backyard Bacon Cheeseburger Flavor. Other ambassadors are also helping to spread the message across social media.


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