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Cookie Gifting Campaigns : DestroyMediocrity


Everyone has been a victim of bad gifting at some point, whether it’s receiving something cheap, thoughtless or entirely impractical, and Last Crumb’s new campaign is a call to end garbage gifting and #DestroyMediocrity.

Fans of the luxury cookie brand are invited to share their bad gifting stories on social media for a chance to get three hand-crafted, fresh-baked, premium cookies shipped directly to their doorstep. 100 participants will be selected to receive three of Last Crumb’s most delicious and decadent cookies, and the Head Baker will handpick the “best-worst” story and treat one person to the entire lineup from Last Crumb’s Core Collection. Last Crumb’s signature Core Collection includes elevated flavors like Everything But the Candles, The Madonna and When Life Gives You Lemons.


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