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Authenticity-Focused Social Medias : ig candid


Meta is testing a new feature for Instagram titled ‘IG Candid.’ This is a ‘BeReal’-inspired photo sharing service that prompts users to take a picture at a specific point on each day. The picture is taken at the same time of day by all users on the application, and the picture cannot be filtered or edited. This encourages authenticity while offering individuals a real glimpse into each other’s daily lives.

The IG Candid feature is currently in internal testing as a prototype. Meta did not yet confirm when, or if, this feature will make it to public testing or a full-scale public release. However, internal testing has shown the feature to be positive and well-received. The IG Candid feature continues the push toward authenticity in the social media space, which is often plagued by idealized images and curated snapshots meant to convey a disingenuous reality.

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