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AI Writing Assistants : paragraphai


‘ParagraphAI’ is a new Toronto, Canada-based startup that leverages natural-language processing (NLP) technology to generate original writing content in a matter of seconds. The NLP technology was developed by Elon Musk’s ‘OpenAI’ research division, however, ParagraphAI leverages this technology in a way that makes it accessible and valuable to the average consumer.

With ParagraphAI, users can select the amount of words they want generated. From here, the user can customize different writing style settings such as the tone, the type of text being created, such as email or blog article, and more. Additionally, the more the service is used and customized by each individual, the more the ParagraphAI system becomes reflective of the user’s personal voice and vision.

The ParagraphAI application is available on Apple’s App Store, and is a top-performing application. In fact, within the first week of availability, ParagraphAI rose to the 116th most downloaded productivity app on the app store.

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