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AI Art-Generating Platforms : midjourney


‘Midjourney’ is a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered art generation platform that requires only a text prompt from a user. The application is currently in its Beta stage, so in order to gain access, users must either apply for a license or purchase a monthly license to use the service. Once accepted, there are a number of ways users can begin generating artwork.

One of the most popular ways is through Discord servers. Midjourney’s AI is available as a bot that can be added to a server on Discord. Once added, users must simply type “/Imagine” followed by any string of words that specify the type of art they want created. Then, in a matter of minutes, the AI will generate four art panels based on the prompt. The user can then download and use these artworks as they please, or they can choose one of the four artworks to either upscale to a higher resolution or reprocess into four more artworks.

Image Credit: Midjourney, Twitter


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