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The Cat 133 Is A Smaller Version Of Tecnomar’s ‘This Is It’


Images courtesy of Tecnomar

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While monohull superyachts are popular due to their sleek and sporty silhouettes, catamarans cater to clients who want larger spaces to customize. After featuring several ships from Tecnomar, we are thrilled that their latest project is a stunning follow-up to last year’s This Is It. The sequel is somewhat smaller based on the company’s Cat 133 platform.

Nevertheless, the Italian Sea Group’s reputation for futuristic and automotive-inspired designs is intact. The firm’s Centro Stile team ensures the new addition to the fleet incorporates all the bells and whistles their yachts are known for.

The defining features of this Cat 133 are the transparent twin hulls courtesy of the glass panels.

It retains the sweeping curves of its predecessor, which enhances its clean profile. Tecnomar reveals that the superstructure is constructed of aluminum alloy, while the exterior sections of its decks appear to be clad in teak. The This Is It was a 143-foot multihull, but this fresh addition is more modest at 133 feet.

The official listing details a total volume of roughly 499 GT, which pales compared to the 750 GT of its larger cousin.

These numbers can be deceiving as Cat 133 has already allocated 3,000 square feet for decks outside. As of this writing, information about the interiors remains under wraps.

Therefore, Tecnomar draws attention to the aft beach club, where two foldable side doors and twin internal wings can be deployed to provide a 52-foot-wide swim platform.

The Cat 133 can accommodate 10 guests and 11 crew. There are also plenty of activities available on board.

You have a cocktail bar for refreshments and beverages, an indoor cinema for movies, a spa for wellness, a two-level garden, and more. According to the shipbuilder, approximately 750 square feet of photovoltaic panels will line the arches and hardtop of the Cat 133 to harvest clean energy.

Finally, two MAN V12 engines and twin 50 kW electric thrusters enable a maximum cruising speed of 15 knots. The This Is It still overshadows the Cat 133 in size, speed, and style, but it packs enough stellar features to stand on its own.


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