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A Luxurious Escape at Amsterdam’s Hotel De L’Europe


Nestled along the picturesque banks of the Amstel River lies Amsterdam, a city pulsating with irresistible charm, cultural richness, and a rich tapestry of history. Its iconic canal belt, adorned with picturesque gabled houses, bustling cafes, and vibrant markets, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that effortlessly captivates visitors. Amidst this enchanting backdrop stands Hotel De L’Europe, an architectural gem that epitomizes historic luxury in the heart of Amsterdam.

Standing strong as an icon of historic luxury, Hotel De L’Europe is known as one of the oldest family-owned hotels. As the perfect homebase for discerning travelers, the hotel has roots that reach back to 1535 when a watch tower, Het Rondeel, was built right where the hotel is now. The tower was seen as a means of protection until the 17th and 18th century saw the building of an inn on its foundations, foreshadowing what was yet to come. Today, after a meticulous redesign by the esteemed Amsterdam-based studio Nicemakers, the hotel seamlessly marries classic elegance with contemporary allure.

Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel

Each of its 97 guest rooms (including 48 suites, a Presidential Loft, and a six-bedroom Royal Penthouse) have been updated with bespoke, curated items from all around the world. Taking inspiration from “classic hotels in Paris and London, the curtains framing the beds are a modern interpretation of the splendor of French baldaquin beds, while the headboards are inspired by and clothed in fabric sourced from the UK [and] hand-painted artworks from local artist, Patrick van Riemsdijk, hang from gold and bronze wallpaper intended to remind guests of the sun’s glittering farewell dance on the canals at golden hour.”

Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel

A crowning jewel of the hotel is ‘t Huys, a distinctive wing housing an array of exclusive offerings that is by far, one of our favorite parts of the refurbishment. From the indulgent Skins Spa to the exquisite floral creations of The Wunderkammer and the culinary delights of Italian eatery Graziella, ‘t Huys is a sanctuary of refined indulgence. The lobby itself is a fusion of 17th-century grandeur and modern sophistication, featuring captivating artworks and architectural remnants that pay homage to its storied past. What’s even better is that much of what you see, from the floral installations to the home decor items are actually for sale, with the space itself acting as the highest end boutique we’ve ever seen. 

Additionally, ‘t Huys holds five luxury suites upstairs, connected by a series of floating walkways, that are a testament to individuality and style. Whether curated by the editorial prowess of Harper’s Bazaar or adorned with coveted artworks from Ravestijn Gallery, these suites promise an unforgettable stay tailored to discerning tastes.

Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel

Culinary aficionados will delight in the gastronomic offerings at Hotel De L’Europe, including the two Michelin-starred fine dining experience at Flore, the casual elegance of French Brasserie Marie, and authentic Italian Trattoria Graziella. And don’t forget Freddy’s Bar, an iconic establishment renowned for its classic ambiance and curated cocktail selection.

Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel

Beyond the confines of the hotel, Amsterdam beckons with a vast array of seasonal delights. The city’s natural beauty is complemented perfectly with a diverse array of attractions. Art enthusiasts can spend entire days exploring the masterpieces of Rembrandt and Van Gogh at the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum, respectively, while those looking for some scenic exercise can take full advantage of Amsterdam’s sky-high bicycle culture and immerse themselves into the street’s hidden gems.  

Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel

For horticulture enthusiasts, visiting the hotel between March 21 and April 1 during tulip season is not to be missed. Hotel De L’Europe will be transforming into a floral paradise in collaboration with The Wunderkammer, where the hotel’s beloved canal-side brassiere Marie will be fully transformed into ‘un munde de fleurs’, offering guests an enchanting dining experience amidst a sea of blossoms. For those eager to explore further, the concierge team would be happy to create bespoke experiences, including exclusive access to the famed Keukenhof Gardens and immersive floral masterclasses.

Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel

The concierge team can also arrange access to Keukenhof, one of Europe’s most celebrated gardens full of blooming crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, and, of course, the tulips for which The Netherlands is famed. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in a special floral masterclass, where you’ll be guided by the expert team to create your very own bespoke arrangement. 

Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a culinary connoisseur, or a seeker of cultural treasures, Hotel De L’Europe promises an unforgettable sojourn tailored to your desires. With its rich heritage, impeccable service, and commitment to excellence, it stands as a beacon of luxury in the heart of Amsterdam’s enchanting landscape.

Pricing varies depending on season, but rooms typically range from €300 ($327) to more than €1000 ($1,090) per night. 

Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel
Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel
Hotel De L'Europe, amsterdam, luxury hotel


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